Albena Denkova (born December 3, 1974 in Sofia) is a Bulgarian ice dancer. With partner Maxim Staviski, she is a two-time World Champion, two-time European silver medalist, and Grand Prix Final champion. Denkova & Staviski are the first Bulgarian figure skaters to medal at the World Figure Skating Championships.


Denkova began her athletic career as a gymnast and changed to figure skating at the age of 8 or 9. Her first ice dance partner was Hristo Nikolov. In 1996 she teamed up with Maxim Staviski, and they soon became a couple off-ice, as well. In 2000 they moved from Sofia to Odintsovo, to have better training conditions.

Until 2005 the pair was coached by Alexei Gorshkov in Sofia and in Odintsovo near Moscow in Russia. After the 2005 World Championships, Denkova and Staviski moved to Delaware, U.S. to train with Natalia Linichuk and Gennadi Karponossov. In October 2006, it was announced that Denkova had been elected President of the Bulgarian Skating Federation. Her current term will run for five years.

On August 5, 2007, Maxim Staviski caused a car accident while driving drunk in Bulgaria that left 24-year-old Petar Petrov dead and Petrov's fiancee, 18-year-old Manuela Gorsova, in a coma.[1]He subsequently announced his retirement from competitive skating and Denkova was thus forced to retire, as well.

Denkova has a younger sister, Ina Demireva, who is also an ice dancer currently competing on the junior level.

Although she holds a degree in economics from Sofia University, Denkova continues to skate full-time in shows and on Russian television.


In April, 2007, Denkova & Staviski were awarded the Stara Planina Order, the highest Bulgarian award.

On April 19, 2006, they received a star on Bulgaria's Walk of Fame.


Season Original Dance Free Dance Exhibition
2006/2007 Undid
by Undid
Undid modern arrangement
Undid soundtrack
2005/2006 Cha Cha: Santa Esmeralda
Rhumba: Besame Mucho
Cha Cha: Santa Esmeralda
Adagio by Tomasini Albinoni (modern arrangement)
2004/2005 Charleston by Big Beat Band
Slow Foxtrot: You've Got a Friend in Me
Charleston by Big Beat Band
Bach to Africa by Lambarena / Bach
2003/2004 Blues: It's a Man's Man's World by James Brown
Swing: Big and Bad by Big Bad Voodo Daddy
Suite No. 4 in D-Minor by Georg Friedrich Haendel
2002/2003 March for the Turkish Ceremonies by Jean-Baptiste Lully - British Philharmony Orchestra
Waltz: Dance of the Witches by Henry Purcell - British Philharmony Orchestra
Afrah Baladi by Mostafa Sax
2001/2002 A. Piazzola "Fugata" / T. Bozzio "Duende" Cirque de Soleil "O"
2000/2001 "Pink Panther" soundtrack Cirque de Soleil "Journey to the Heart"
1999/2000 "Speak up Mambo" / "Soledad" / "Give it up" Cirque de Soleil "Journey to the Heart"
1998/1999 Jenkins "Song of the spirit" Jon Lord-Bouree "Sarabande"
1997/1998 Domingo Samudio "Wolly-Bully" Louis Prima "Sing, Sing, Sing" / John Williams "1941 Hollywood"
1996/1997 Angel Villoldo "El Choclo" Louis Prima "Sing, Sing, Sing" / John Williams "1941 Hollywood"

Competitive highlightsEdit

(with Maxim Staviski)


Event 2001–2002 2002–2003 2003–2004 2004–2005 2005–2006 2006–2007
Undid 7th 5th
Undid 5th 3rd 2nd 5th 1st 1st
Undid 6th 2nd 2nd WD 3rd
Bulgarian Nationals 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st
Undid 3rd 2nd 3rd 1st
Undid 1st
Undid 4th 1st 2nd 1st
Undid 3rd
Undid 3rd 1st 1st 2nd
Undid 4th 2nd 1st
Undid 1st 1st
Undid 1st 1st


Event 1996–1997 1997–1998 1998–1999 1999–2000 2000–2001
Undid 18th
Undid 19th 17th 11th WD 10th
Undid 17th 16th 9th WD 8th
Bulgarian Nationals 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st
Undid 5th
Undid 6th
Undid 5th
Undid 6th 3rd
Undid 3rd
Undid 2nd
Undid 1st 1st 1st
Undid 1st

(with Undid)

  • 1995
    • 24th place - World Championships
    • 22nd place - European Championships
  • 1994
    • Final Not Reached - World Championships
    • Final Not Reached - European Championships
  • 1993
    • Final Not Reached - World Championships
    • 22nd place - European Championships
  • 1992
    • 21st place - World Championships
    • 18th place - European Championships


  1. World Skating Champion From Bulgaria Involved In Car Accident Near Ropotamo River - News News

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