Deanna Stellato

A photo of Deanna Stellato.

Deanna Stellato (born June 22, 1983 in Park Ridge, Illinois) is an American Figure skater. She won the Junior Grand Prix in the 1999/2000 season and went on to win the silver medal at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships. She placed fifth at the 2000 Skate Canada International, but withdrew before the 2001 American, ending her career due to injury.

Competitive highlightsEdit

Event 1998-1999 1999-2000 2000-2001
World Junior Figure Skating Championships 2nd
U.S. Championships 1st N. 9th
Skate Canada International 5th
Karl Schäfer Memorial 2nd
Junior Grand Prix Final 1st
Junior Grand Prix Final 1st
Junior Grand Prix Final 5th
  • N = Novice level

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