de Leeuw(left) with Dorothy Hamill and Christine Errath at the 1976 Olympics.

Dianne De Leeuw - 1975 World Championships Long Program

Dianne De Leeuw - 1975 World Championships Long Program

Long program at the 1975 World Championships.

Dianne de Leeuw (born November 19, 1955 in Orange, California, USA) is an American-born Dutch figure skater. She skated for the Netherlands, despite having been born and having spent most of her youth in the U.S. Her mother is Dutch.

Dianne de Leeuw was the 1975 World champion, 1976 European champion and 1976 Olympic silver medalist. Her main rivals were Dorothy Hamill and Christine Errath.

She was voted the female athlete of the Netherlands in 1975. She was also flag carrier at the 1976 Winter Olympic Games for the Netherlands.

De Leeuw is currently a figure skating coach at Westminster Ice Palace in Westminster, California.

Results Edit

Event 1970-71 1971-72 1972-73 1973-74 1974-75 1975-76
Winter Olympics 16th 2nd
World Championships 17th 15th 3rd 1st 3rd
European Championships 19th 9th 6th 2nd 2nd 1st
Dutch Championships 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st
Richmond Trophy 1st
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