The free dance is a part of an Ice dancing competition. It is usually the third and final part of the competition to be contested, after the Compulsory dances and the Original dance.

In the free dance, teams are free to choose their own rhythms, program themes, and therefore music. Creativity is also strongly encouraged. Since 1998, dancers have been required to include certain elements in their free dances, including step sequences, lifts, dance spins, and multi-rotation turns called Twizzles. Senior level free dances are four minutes long (plus or minus 10 seconds) and usually, but not always, contain a slow section that helps bring variety to the routine and allows the dancers to catch their breath. The hand holds and positions are much more open and free than in the compulsory and original dance categories. Often teams strive to skate in difficult or unusual positions to gain difficulty points. There are more competition in the free dance than in the original dance.

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