Georgi "Gorsha" Sur (born January 1, 1967 in , (now )) is an ex-Soviet American . He previously competed for the Soviet Union with and won two medals with her at the .

Sur defected to the United States on January 24, 1990. Once in the States, he paired up with with the intention of skating professionally with her. When the allowed pros to reinstate, Roca and Sur did and they won two . Roca and Sur attempted to accelerate Sur's citizenship so they could compete in the Olympics, but it was successfully blocked. After retiring from competitive skating, Roca and Sur toured with .

Although Sur has been credited as being the indirect cause of the phenomenon in American skating, it is important to note that he came to the United States and settled there legitimately, with no intention of ever competing again.

Sur currently works as a coach and choreographer and is based out of Oakland Ice Center.

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(With Roca)

Event 1993 1995 1996
1st 1st 2nd
11th 10th 14th



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