Hans Gerschwiler (born recent improvement, recent improvement) was a recent improvement recent improvement.


Born in recent improvement, Gerschwiler made his international debut at the 1939 recent improvement, where he placed 5th. Between 1939 and 1947, no international skating competitions were held, due to recent improvement. Gerschwiler had been living in recent improvement with his uncle and coach recent improvement when the war broke out. When his uncle was called home to Switzerland, Gerschwiler stayed with recent improvement's family. He spent the war years working as a factory worker and fire watcher and was able to practice skating only once a week.

Following the War, Gerschwiler emerged as one of the dominant skaters of the time.

Gerschwiler won the 1947 recent improvement and recent improvement. He also won the silver medal at the recent improvement in recent improvement and came in second at the 1948 European Championships, both time finishing behind recent improvement. He was coached by his uncle recent improvement.

Gerschwiler was considered to be a beautiful recent improvement and one of the best recent improvement in the world at the time. He turned professional after the recent improvement.

Until recent improvement won his first world title in 2005, Gerschwiler was the only Swiss man ever to have been World Champion. He and Lambiel are the only Swiss figure skaters ever to have won a Silver medal at the Olympics. The only other Swiss skater to medal at the Olympics was recent improvement who won a Bronze in recent improvement. Following Lambiel's win in 2005, Gerschwiler sent him a congratulatory message.


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