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Ilia Alexandrovich Kulik (Илья Александрович Кулик); (born May 23, 1977 in Moscow, Russian SSR) is a Russian figure skater. He is the 1998 Olympic Champion.

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Kulik has one sibling, a sister name Svetlana, who also lives in California. His parents live in Russia.

He married Ekaterina Gordeeva in San Francisco on June 10, 2002. They have one daughter, Elizaveta Ilinichna Kulik. Gordeeva has one daughter, Daria, from her previous marriage. The family lived in California for several years before moving to Avon, Connecticut in 2003. They returned to the Los Angeles area in the Summer of 2007 and currently reside in Newport Beach.

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Ilia Kulik - Baseball Cap

Ilia Kulik - Baseball Cap

Ilia Kulik-1998 olympics LP Ilia Kulik's performance Baseball Cap
Ilia Kulik - Liebestraume

Ilia Kulik - Liebestraume

Ilia Kulik - Go The Distance

Ilia Kulik - Go The Distance

Ilia Kulik-1997 Japan Open LP Ilia Kulik - Go The Distance






Kulik began skating at the age of five and won the Olympics at the age of 20.

Kulik 'turned professional' after the 1998 Olympics and has skating professionally in shows such as Stars on Ice since then. In addition he has appeared in numerous skating shows all over the world, including in Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, and the United States.

He also ventured briefly into acting. He played the role of "Sergei", a Russian dancer, in the 2000 ballet-themed movie Center Stage.

Competitive HighlightsEdit

Event/Season 1990-1991 1991-1992 1992-1993 1993-1994 1994-1995 1995-1996 1996-1997 1997-1998
Winter Olympics 1st
World Championships 9th 2nd 5th
European Championships 1st 3rd 4th
World Junior Championships 3rd 11th 1st
Russian Championships - - - - 2nd 2nd 1st 1st
Champions Series Final 4th 4th 1st
Skate America 6th
Skate Canada 2nd 2nd
Trophée Eric Bompard 1st
NHK Trophy 2nd 1st
Finlandia Trophy 2nd
Nebelhorn Trophy 1st
Karl Schaefer Memorial 3rd


Ilia Kulik played a ballet dancer in the 2000 film Center Stage.

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