Figure skating is a sport enjoyed all round the world. Originally based in European countries, the sport is enjoying a major expansion in the countries of East Asia.

The international governing body of the sport is the International Skating Union (ISU).

Currently only those nations which are members of the International Skating Union are allowed to compete in the figure skating events in the Olympic Games.

Figure skating in AfricaEdit

Figure skating in AsiaEdit

Figure skating in Afghanistan<h3> The ice skating rink in Kabul was closed by the Taliban. The building was later destroyed. There are also figure skating Associations in other parts of China:
  • - Macau Skating Union

Figure skating in EuropeEdit

There are no ice rinks in Greece currently. The last was closed in May 2003.

There are also figure skating associations in other parts of the United Kingdom:

  • The Northern Ireland Ice Skating Federation
  • Skate Scotland
  • Welsh Ice Skating Association

Figure skating in North AmericaEdit

Figure skating in Oceania Edit

There are state associations in:

there are currently no state associations in , or

Figure skating in South AmericaEdit


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