Jeremy Barrett (born April 10, 1984 in Sarasota, Florida) is an American Pair skater. He competes with Caydee Denney. They are the 2009 U.S. silver medalists.


Jeremy Barrett began skating at age eight. He competed as a single skater on the novice level at the regional level. His first pairs partner was his sister Shawn-Marie and they competed at the U.S. Junior Championships.

In 2001, he teamed up with Shantel Jordan. Because of the age difference between them, they were unable to compete internationally on the junior level.. They placed 4th at the 2008 Nebelhorn Trophy.


Season Short Program Free Skating Exhibition
2008-2009 Palladio
by Silent Nick
Summer Haze
by Vanessa Mae
by Aram Khatchaturian
by Aerosmith

Competitive highlightsEdit

(with Denney)

Event 2008-2009
World Championships TBD
Four Continents Championships 6th
U.S. silver medalists 2nd
Nebelhorn Trophy 4th
Eastern Sectionals 1st

(with Jordan)

Event 2001-2002 2002-2003 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006
U.S. silver medalists 9th N. 9th J. 1st J. 10th 11th
French Figure Skating Championships 1st G.
NACS Waterloo 2nd
Eastern Sectionals 1st N. 3rd J. 1st J. 3rd 2nd
  • N = Novice level; J = Junior level; G = Competed as guest skaters


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