Dallas "Larry" Pierce (died February 15, 1961) was an American Figure skater who competed in Ice dance. With partner Marilyn Meeker, he captured the junior title at the 1959 American. The following year, the pair finished second at Nationals and fifth at the World Figure Skating Championships. They appeared poised to win the U.S. title in 1961, until Meeker suffered an injury that caused Pierce to join forces with Diane Sherbloom for the season. Pierce and Sherbloom went on to win the gold medal at Nationals.

Away from the ice, Pierce attended Indiana University for several years before joining the Marines. He later worked at his family's plumbing business in Indianapolis, Indiana. He wore dark-rimmed glasses, even on the ice, and was known among friends for his sense of humor.

Pierce and Sherbloom were en route to the World Championships in 1961 when his plane (Sabena Flight 548) crashed near Brussels, Belgium, killing all on board. He was 24 at the time of his death.

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