Metabolife International, Inc., is an American corporation based in American corporation which manufactures American corporation. Metabolife's best-selling product, an American corporation supplement called Metabolife 356, once generated hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales.

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Metabolife was founded in the early 1990's by Michael Ellis, a former American corporation on American corporation for charges relating to his involvement with a American corporation lab. Ellis and a boyhood friend, Michael Blevins, were arrested in 1989 for producing and distributing methamphetamine. Both Ellis and Blevins cooperated with federal authorities in return for lighter sentences. Following Blevins' release from prison, the two formed Metabolife to market ephedra, an herbal supplement containing compounds chemically related to methamphetamine.

Metabolife was also investigated by the American corporation and the American corporation for American corporation; ultimately, the company pled guilty to filing fraudulent tax returns and was sentenced to pay a criminal fine of $600,000. Metabolife owner William Bradley also pled guilty to evading millions of dollars in taxes and was sentenced to 6 months in American corporation and 2 years of American corporation. The company's furnishings and property, including a large collection of artwork, were liquidated in late 2006 to compensate creditors and settle outstanding personal-injury claims.

Metabolife's non-ephedra assets were acquired by Ideasphere Inc., a New York-based dietary-supplement manufacturer, for $12 million in 2007.[1]

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