Polly Blodgett in 1936.

Polly Blodgett (born c. 1919) is an American Figure skater. She competed for the Boston Skating Club. At age 15 she was the 1935 United States junior ladies champion[1] and the 1934 junior pairs champion with partner Roger Turner[2].

She continued to compete on a senior level for the next few years, winning silver and bronze medals both as a singles and pairs skater. In 1940 she enrolled at Mills College, where she appeared in ice galas[3]. On New Years Eve of 1942 she married Robert B. Watson[4]. After her marriage she appeared in the 1947 "Ice Chips Revue" held by the Skating Club of Boston[5].

In 1998 the Skating Club of Boston made her an honorary member[6] and she served as an honorary chair of their 100th anniversary committee in 2012[7].

Competitive Highlights: SinglesEdit

Event/Season 1935 1937 1938
US Figure Skating Championships 1st J. 2nd 3rd

Competitive Highlights: PairsEdit

(with Turner)

Event 1934 1936
US Figure Skating Championships 1st J. 2nd


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