Val Joe "Rudy" Galindo (born September 7, 1969 in San Jose, California) is an American figure skater who competed in both single skating and pair skating. As a single skater, he is the 1996 U.S. national champion and 1987 World Junior Champion. As a pair skater, he competed with Kristi Yamaguchi; they were the 1988 World Junior Champions and the 1989 & 1990 U.S. national champions.


Kristi wpartner350

with partner Kristi Yamaguchi at the 1990 US Figure Skating Championships.

Galindo skated pairs with Kristi Yamaguchi, winning the 1988 World Junior Championship and the U.S. senior championships in 1989 and 1990. He also won the 1987 World Junior Championship in singles before temporarily giving up on singles competition in order to concentrate on pairs. After his partnership with Yamaguchi broke up in 1990, Galindo returned to singles competition. In 1996, Galindo won the men's title at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships at the San Jose Arena, becoming the oldest male to win this title in almost 50 years. He followed this win with a bronze medal at the 1996 World Championships.

Galindo retired from eligible competition in the summer of 1996. After being diagnosed as HIV positive and recovering from hip replacement surgery, Rudy continued to tour with the Tom Collins' Champions on Ice show until they went out of business after the 2007 season.

Galindo disclosed his Homosexuality in Christine Brennan's book Inside Edge: A Revealing Journey Into the Secret World of Figure Skating (ISBN 0-385-48607-3), which was published shortly before he won his national title in 1996.

He published his autobiography Icebreaker in 1997 (ISBN 0-671-00390-9).

Competitive highlightsEdit

Singles careerEdit

Event 1981-82 1982-83 1983-84 1984-85 1985-86 1986-87 1987-88 1990-91 1991-92 1992-93 1993-94 1994-95 1995-96
World Championships 3rd
World Junior Championships 3rd 2nd 1st
U.S. Championships 1st N. 5th J. 3rd J. 3rd J. 8th 10th 11th 8th 5th 7th 8th 1st
Vienna Cup 1st
Nations Cup 4th
Prague Skate 2nd
Asko Cup 1st
Pokal der Blauen Schwerter 2nd
Grand Prize SNP 1st
  • N = Novice level; J = Junior level

Pairs careerEdit

(with Yamaguchi)

1986 Skate America Yamaguchi Galindo LP

1986 Skate America Yamaguchi Galindo LP

Event 1984-1985 1985-1986 1986-1987 1987-1988 1988-1989 1989-1990
World Championships 5th 5th
World Junior Championships 5th 3rd 1st
U.S. Championships 5th J. 1st J. 5th 5th 1st 1st
Skate America 5th 2nd
NHK Trophy 3rd 4th
Skate Electric 1st
  • J = Junior level


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