Tiffany Chin (Traditional Chinese: , Simplified Chinese: ; Pinyin: Chén Tíngtíng , born October 3, 1967) is an American figure skater who grew up in San Diego, California. She dominated the junior circuit in ice skating prior to her Olympic career, winning the US Junior National title as well as the World Junior title. Chin made the American Winter Olympic team in 1984 after winning the freeskate at the 1984 Nationals. She finished fourth at Sarajevo despite placing second in the short program and third in the free program. She went on to win two world bronze medals as well the 1985 U.S. National title, a first for an Asian American or anyone who was not Caucasian. By breaking these barriers she inspired a new generation of skaters, such as Kristi Yamaguchi.

During her career she had many coaches, which was uncommon back then and was heavily criticized by commentators such as Scott Hamilton for doing so. This has become more common in recent times with Christopher Bowman, Nicole Bobek, and Sasha Cohen, switching coaches many times. She was originally trained by Mabel Fairbanks as a young child, but switched to Janet Champion under the recommendation of Fairbanks. Her mom later fired Champion and had her train with Frank Carroll,who led Tiffany to her World Junior title. Chin's mom was known for being very harsh and controlling. She had a lot of disagreements with Carroll. As a result, Carroll refused to work with Chin. Chin went on working with John Nicks where she was seen landing triple axels. After a growth spurt and a recurring injury (a muscle imbalance affecting her legs, arms, and hips) she left Nicks in 1985 after losing many of her triple jumps and went on to train with Don Laws. Tiffany was one of the few skaters in the 1980s who had all five triples, but she never regained her triple flip jump or her triple loop jump after 1985. Her consistency continued in 1986, so she switched back to Nicks in the fall of 1986 and eventually back to Carroll in 1987. After she failed to qualify for the 1987 World Championships, she retired from skating and went to college at UCLA as an English major.

After her amateur skating career ended, Chin became a coach for ice skaters, including Beatrisa Liang. Liang left Chin when Chin took some time off from coaching because she was expecting a child.

Competitive highlights Edit

Event/Season 1980-81 1981-82 1982-83 1983-84 1984-85 1985-86 1986-87
Winter Olympic - - - 4th - - -
World Championships - - 9th - 3rd 3rd -
World Junior Championships 1st - - - - - -
American - 5th 3rd 2nd 1st 3rd 4th
Skate America - - - - - 1st -
Skate Canada International - - - 2nd - - -


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